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It seems these dayslike we are all wearing a lot tisa hats of hats and juggling many balls. More and more Iam hearing people talk about being overwhelmed – or not being organized enoughto handle everything that is on their plates. I think we allstruggle with project and time management now and then. What happens to many ofus is that when we have too much to do, we end up doing nothing. We, inessence, become paralyzed by our to-do list. Thankfully, thereare steps you can take to get things back in line and start taking effectiveaction. 1. Start by listingall of those to-do items. While it may seem scary, once you have them listedyou can start attacking. If they only occupy space in your head they can seembigger than they are. So bring them down to earth and onto paper. 2. Prioritize thelist.

And keep your goals to three at most. Only add an item after completingone. If the deadlines are different consider staggering your activity so thereis no down time. 5. Set up anaccountability partnership. This is someone you can partner with to monitoryour progress and celebrate your accomplishments. As you complete your tasksand move projects toward completion, make sure you acknowledge it. In addition,your accountability partner can help you schedule action items in a realisticway so you are more apt to be supreme hats successful. And as a partnership, you will behelping them as well. I find that having these relationships helps me stayfocused and on track. Getting things doneis an important aspect of success. You can’t afford to allow a large list ofto-do items paralyze you or derail your efforts.

Remember that feelingoverwhelmed is a common occurrence for small business owners. This feelingdoesn’t have to rule your world – you rule your world. So, take control, createyour last kings hats list, schedule your action items, and partner with someone who will helpyou stay the course. As you knock down item after item you will find yourselfenjoying your business even more.Milana Leshinsky started her first home business in 1994, making cutemagnetic hats for 20 cents a piece. After two months she realized that shewasn't a work-at-home mom... more like a slave-at-home mom, making less than$5 an hour. What a disappointment. And this realization is not uncommon forwomen starting a business at home.One of the reasons this horrific experience comes to pass is that women donot realize how many incredible opportunities there are for having a homebased business via the internet.Six years after this first self-employment experience, after having hersecond child, Milana tried becoming a work-at-home mom again. This time herbusiness has outgrown any expectations, any predictions and any hopes shehas ever had on becoming a home-based mom.

She didn’t ymcmb hats just do “okay”, she is completely successful.Milana's first order arrived in February 2001. In April of 2002 she quit herjob - the job that only a few years ago (after graduating from college) shecalled her "dream job". "My business brings as much as my salary did, Iwork only a fewhours a day, AND I actually get to raise my children", Milana says.This is one of many common themes you hear from women in home basedbusinesses. But it is not the only one."Women own and run over one-third of the 14.2 million home-basedbusinesses in the United States", says the IDC Research Company(www.idcresearch.com). Yet, a very small number of these women own anInternet-based business. Those that do have an online business will agreethat it is the BEST home business for work-at-home mothers.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a collector of anything, you may be and don’t even know it. How about the collection of tools in the cellar you don’t really use, but you have to have them! Even maybe all those movies laying around you no longer watch, sounds like a collection to me.More common items people typically collect are things like, coins, military items, guns, and sports items. Generally it will be something that once interested a person, had an impact on their lives or they just simply enjoyed. Me, I am a collector of shot glasses. What it was that spawned the interest is beyond me, I think it may have started in college. I now have a collection of over 300 shot glasses, and yes, I have had at least 1 shot of some type of a concoction from each one of them. Looking at them now, they are reminders of places I have been, and things I have done.

Every one of them has a story to be told, the memories flood my mind every time I pick one up. None of my shot glasses really have any monetary value, but I would never part with them, as a collection, they are proof of my existence if kept together. I boy london hats have searched the internet to find the reasons why others collect shot glasses. This quote was found on a personal site of an obvious diehard Hard Rock Café shot glass collector; “My goal is to display each of the shot glasses that have been available over the years from The Hard Rock Cafes and The Hard Rock Hotel.” Needless to say, the man(or woman) has their work cut out for them to complete that collection. My next quote comes from another personal web site; “I love my shot glasses! Currently I own almost 400 of the mini drinking vessels.

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