modicum of momentum in showing an edge of late,

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The WWE, as we know it, is about to undergo a major facelift.Again.For the first time since 2011, the WWE will implement a brand extension (or brand split), separating its roster into two competing shows: the flagship three-hour Raw on Monday nights, and SmackDown, which will air live for the first time after moving to a new night on Tuesday.This weeks debut of SmackDown Live (8 p.m. ET, USA Network) will be a special one with the return of the WWE Draft.In some ways, the change of direction within the promotion is a return to old, with the WWE having utilized a draft of some form on an annual basis between 2002 and 2011. This one, however, feels fresh and new, with the WWEs decision to withhold key details (including the title structure and how the two brands will intertwine on pay-per-view) adding to the anticipation for fans and performers.Every time that Ive done a draft, it has always been the most nerve-wracking, unexpected thing I have ever been involved with in the WWE, The Miz, the WWEs Intercontinental champion, told ESPN.com. It changes not only your life and your career but it just changes everything about the dynamic of WWE in general.While its sometimes hard to decipher between whats truth and whats a work when WWE performers speak outside of the ring, both The Miz and WWE womens champion Charlotte said on Monday that they remain in the dark about their future ahead of Tuesday night. The feeling, the Miz said, is reminiscent of his first draft in 2006.We had a show called ECW and there was a supplemental draft the next day, The Miz said. I found out on WWE.com that I was being drafted and was like, Oh, all my friends knew before I did. Thats how secretive it is. No one knows exactly where they are going. Not one superstar.One of the main reasons for excitement entering this years draft is the promotions depth, helped by an influx of young talent from developmental third brand NXT. With the brand split creating a need for more proven talent, the WWE has also made a pointed effort to acquire top superstars from rival promotions such as A.J. Styles, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura.What that means is a much bigger emphasis on the keyword at hand -- opportunity -- which is something that was echoed by Charlotte, the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, who has become the face of the rebranded WWE womens division.I think it keeps everyone on their toes, Charlotte said. Its opportunity -- there are more slots and there are more players. Im just more excited to see what brand Im going to be with, and then look at it as an opportunity to make the most of it and become a major player. Especially with new talent coming up from NXT, thats definitely going to mix things up a bit.WWE released a partial set of draft rules on Sunday. With more time to fill more than three hours, Raw will not only receive the first overall pick, it will make three selections for every two of SmackDown Live, which remains two hours long. In addition, tag teams will count as one pick unless a commissioner or general manager of a specific brand wants only one member.The WWE also announced a total of six selections will be made from the NXT roster. Paul Heyman, the on-screen advocate for Brock Lesnar, told ESPN.com in June that the NXT factor will be one of the biggest components to the drafts impact.You are going to have a whole bunch of new opportunities for people to move up into the main event mix just by the very nature of Raw and Smackdown having an exclusive roster, Heyman said. As we saw with the debut of The Shield a few years ago, you can get a lot of people into that mix very, very fast if they seize the moment of opportunity which is given.From a storyline standpoint, the two brands will take on different identities with sibling rivals Stephanie (Raw) and Shane McMahon (SmackDown) serving as commissioners. The babyface-run SmackDown will play the underdog, helped by the addition of retired fan favorite Daniel Bryan as general manager. Mick Foley, meanwhile, will be the GM of Raw, which will likely have a more heel-centric approach due to Stephanie McMahons membership in The Authority.WWE chairman and patriarch Vince McMahon has preached to his on-screen hope that his children and their respective shows would truly compete against each other, which mirrors WWEs real-life expectations for the brand split.SmackDown has to come across as a brand that is truly competing with Monday Night Raw, Heyman said. If the brand is not competitive with WWE in terms of talent, production, look, presentation and just in terms of the manner in which the announcers get to describe the product, its doomed. But I dont see it going down that way.Vince thrives on competition. Just like he did in 2002, when there is no one out there competing with Vince McMahon, he will create his own competition.McMahon bought out chief rival WCW in 2001 and created the original brand extension the following year in hopes of manufacturing an in-house version of The Monday Night Wars. While the results were never quite as intended, the time appears ripe to try it again, provided the WWE has learned from its mistakes after the first go around.A major byproduct of splitting up the rosters, according to The Miz, is the pride for your brand that extends into the locker room.We are so competitive here in the WWE, The Miz said. You want to be No. 1 and want to beat the other person whether you are looking at ratings, merchandise sales or people coming to the building. You are looking at who is really reacting to the superstars better. You are looking at every little aspect of everything there is.Although the scripted draft will ultimately play out however WWEs creative team decides, the true reflection it provides regarding each performers overall value wont be lost on the participants.The Miz, who slipped into character long enough to declare he expects to be selected first overall, looks at the top draft choice as essentially the highest honor in sports entertainment. He also didnt take kindly to news that he was drafted 17th overall in a recent ESPN.com mock draft.You can look at it as the No. 1 pick is basically the most important [superstar] and will be the hub of Raw or SmackDown Live, The Miz said. But being No. 17 is a slap in the face to me. So if Shane or Stephanie thinks that I should be 17 then I might as well just call it a career because I value myself so much higher.There are going to be a lot of people very angry and a lot of people very happy with their draft position. Make no mistake about it -- we are all in competition to be No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. We all want to be a high draft pick. No one wants to be the last guy picked -- Mr. Irrelevant, if you will.Charlotte, who said she was honored by being selected No. 2 overall in the ESPN.com mock draft, considers it an illustration of just how far the WWE womens division has come in a short time, referencing the pride she takes in having her title changed from diva to superstar.It just goes to show that the women are a huge part of what we do and are being focused on more and more storylines, Charlotte said. Usually there are two matches on Raw and now with the brand split, who knows? Im looking to main event a pay-per-view and I know thats how all the women in the locker room feel. To be No. 2 among a giant roster just goes to show the women are important. Asics Gel Kayano 18 Oferta . - The Oakland Raiders re-signed offensive lineman Khalif Barnes on Friday. Asics Gt 2000 Mujer . Pedro scored from a pass by Lionel Messi in the 33rd minute and added two more goals in the 47th and 72nd after Valdes saved his second penalty in four days following his stop in Wednesdays 4-0 over Ajax in the Champions League. http://www.asicsnimbus17.es/asics-onitsuka-tiger/asics-mexico-66.html . - Derek Wolfe says hes finally healthy after suffering a seizure in November that doctors now believe was related to the spinal cord injury he suffered in the preseason. Asics Noosa Tri 8 Mujer Baratas . The 15th-ranked Canadian men lost the opening two games of their European tour: 19-15 to No. 17 Georgia and 21-20 to No. Comprar Asics Noosa Tri 9 Mujer . PETERSBURG, Fla. There were plenty of reasons to love Raws final episode before Sundays Survivor Series pay-per-view event. From the very outset, the singular purpose of getting everyone on the same page became the theme for the night, building a number of strange bedfellows situations and allowing seemingly conflicted teammates to pick up unexpected victories.That optimism carried through to the big Raw versus SmackDown confrontation that closed the show too, giving each superstar a reason to care about this match despite the appearance of there being a lack of long-term stakes. SmackDown Live got one of the biggest pops of the night after coming through the crowd, but both teams got over a general sense of unity (which might belie one or more conflicts rearing their ugly heads Sunday, but I digress) during the big throw down.But the best decision of all on Raw Monday was to have Brock Lesnar and Goldberg keep their hands off each other ahead of their main event showdown Sunday. In recent years, in the build-up to big matches like this one, the WWE has given away far too much, from extended beat downs or back-and-forth fist fights to actually having the same match thats set for the pay-per-view on free TV. By saving that first physical confrontation for Sunday, tension and anticipation is at an all-time high.For as much as Raw did right on a show that was surely a net positive, there were still a few things that left a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. For all intents and purposes it appears that Roman Reigns return to superman status is back on track, after he did all of the dirty work before draping a lifeless WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens on top of Sheamus to lock up a pinfall victory for their team. There were a number of other subtle hints, but dont be surprised if after Sunday we get Reigns making a fool of Owens a number of times as they seemingly head toward a champion versus champion conflict.Did you know that Sunday, fantasy warfare just got real?Jokes about endlessly repeated taglines and complaints about Reigns aside, before we get too deep into the weeds lets take a closer look at this go-home episode of Monday Night Raw -- at what went right, and what fell flat.Goldberg and Lesnar in the same ring, and it felt so rightThe crowd was as hot for Goldberg as any of the ones hes appeared in front of since his return, and its far from shocking that Paul Heyman was able to help ionize the crowd so well in a venue thats not Minnesota. Heyman was actually brilliant in poking the vulnerable spots and inciting the crowd, restarting every time he was interrupted and taunting Goldberg from behind the wall of security to build up the tension of Goldberg and Lesnars first in-ring meeting in well over a decade.For his part, Goldberg continued his altogether shockingly sharp run on the microphone, which we might thank his occasional Hollywood foray for. He countered each Heyman point by stating the fact that Lesnar never beat him, and continued to bristle at any mention of his family. After laying down the law and demanding that his wife and child not be mentioned again, at the next mention by Heyman, Goldberg shredded his shirt and, for the first time, it became clear that hes still in pretty tremendous shape going into this match.Let me spell this out for you, Heyman said, Live on the WWE Network. Survivor Series. Goldberg, you shall be beaten, victimized and conquered by Brock Lesnar... and, at that moment, Lesnar shoved down two security guards, seemingly clearing a path for Goldberg. Heyman continued, ...to such an extent that you sir shall be unrecognizable. So unrecognizable, that your son will call Brock Lesnar daddy.Goldberg snapped and took out the guards one by one, with Lesnar hanging back on the ring apron. When the last three were dispatched, there was a momentary tease that there would be an actual face-to-face showdown, but Lesnar instead stepped down and walked away. Both men never took their eyes off of each other, even for a second, and raised the level of excitement and anticipation for this match as high as it has been.Whether or not it can possibly live up to the hype, or even remotely resemble the action in WWE2K17 -- and there were no illusions as to the reason for this match, as both Goldberg and Lesnars nameplates had that logo attached -- is the only question that lingers.Raw versus SmackDown showdown comes in like a lamb, out like a lionThe opening portion of the Raw vs. SmackDown Live GMs and commissioners fell a little flat, as both sides reiterated similar points to what theyve been saying for weeks on their respective shows. There was a nice point-counterpoint about Shane McMahons participation in the traditional Survivor Series match, but things predictably escalated when the two mens teams came out.By entering through the crowd, Team SmackDown reiterated their standing as the team of the people. With the brands separated, this direct head-to-head confrontation felt special. You had Owens and AJ Styles touting their own top championship as the real world championship. Chris Jericho put Styles and James Ellsworth on The List,?Bray Wyatt promised to take out his creation Braun Strowman, and Dean Ambrose predictably lit the fuse and started the physical confrontation by attacking Jericho. Seeing Reigns and Seth Rollins stand tall and do a Shield-style powerbomb onto a group that included Ambrose was an interesting final touch as the final Raw before Survivor Series went off the air.The State of the WWE Universe post-show event further hammered home the points each show wannted to make, with the kind of reality-bordering and reality-based statements that have made Talking Smack a must-watch program every week.dddddddddddd While there were a few awkward moments, Daniel Bryans statement that most of SmackDown has improved post-draft while Raw superstars have largely stagnated was one of a dozen different things that rang true. Its 30 minutes long, and if you didnt have the stamina to stay up after the three-hour Raw, its worth going back to watch it if only to see Bryan and Mick Foley drop truth over and over again and Stephanie McMahon try to steer it back toward the in-storyline matches.With the focus of SmackDown likely to be largely centered on The Undertaker, Edge, the Intercontinental championship match and other 900th episode festivities, this served as the final official step in the build to Survivor Series.Hits and missesThe New Day is toeing a dangerous line right now. After winning a few too many one-sided rivalries, its understandable how they could be a little complacent and put things on auto-pilot a little too much. Their shopping cart full of merchandise highlighted just how much of a following they have, but the strange sexual innuendo of the sock and the unicorn horn showed they can sometimes take their often charming schtick a little too far.Its actually been kind of nice to see some cracks in the armor as New Day approaches Demolitions all-time WWE tag team title reign record, and that was especially the case in this six-man tag team match. Rollins, Jericho and Strowman proved to have considerable in-ring chemistry as a team, and the result was a match that was far better than most might have expected. All six men looked crisp, and the action was frenetic throughout.Strowman was the highlight of the match throughout, wreaking havoc on all three members of the New Day and finishing things off with a fantastic-looking running powerslam to finish off Xavier Woods. The partnership was too good to last, though, as Rollins hit a pedigree on Jericho post-match. Jericho tried to embrace his role as captain in both segments that his team was involved in, including an olive branch in the form of matching scarves for Strowman and Rollins. He is simply on a roll when it comes to taking potentially silly ideas and concepts and spinning them into gold, and showing little sign of slowing down.Just like the six-man tag team match earlier in the night served as a wonderful showcase for Strowman, the womens tag team match was the Nia Jax show. She showed every bit of her physical dominance against both Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, and did more in this single match to prove her potential as a title contender than months of squash matches against local talent.Despite flashing some incredible chemistry that dates back to Flair and Banks earliest days in NXT as part of the BFFs, this was the first match in which partners couldnt wait until the end of the match to go after one another. It was a nice way to display that, even in the face of brand unity, some conflicts transcend teamwork (even if they ultimately did pull off the victory).The opening match of the night put Raws two champions to the test against Sheamus and Cesaro, and it hit all of its intended notes. For his part, Cesaro looked every bit the main event player in this match, both with his in-ring moves (including a crazy corkscrew tope con hilo dive over the top rope onto Reigns and Owens on the outside) and his charisma. He continues to do good work with whatever hes given, but the question of when he will get another shot to prove he can hang with the best (as pointed out by Bryan during the WWE State of the Universe special) in a top-level rivalry still lingers.Reigns and Owens warred throughout the match, with Owens refusing to tag in or tag out for most of the match until he could steal Reigns thunder, but they did the bare minimum to win the match. A good match, putting over how Reigns puts his team above all when Owens got hit by a brogue kick, he knocked Sheamus out with a spear and then draped the lifeless Owens on top of Sheamus to pick up the victory.We got a quick match between Sami Zayn and Bo Dallas, but both men really deserved better. Their NXT rivalry is still the peak of Bos powers in the WWE and made both guys look great. Mondays match was the opposite. Zayn really could have used a more legitimate victory and some real momentum heading into his Survivor Series Intercontinental championship match against Dolph Ziggler (or, theoretically, The Miz, if he wins Tuesday). Dallas, who had been picking up a modicum of momentum in showing an edge of late, shouldnt have served as cannon fodder for Zayn at this particular moment.Brian Kendricks words rang hollow but his actions in his match against Sin Cara rang true. The conflict in the locker room, with numerous guys staking legitimate claims to cruiserweight championship matches and questioning Kendricks chances against Kalisto, was some of the most story building theyve done with the Cruiserweight division. Thats certainly a welcomed development, and although they still didnt seem to get much of a reaction from an otherwise hyped Buffalo crowd, the more dimension these cruiserweights are given, the better.Theres not a lot that really has to be said about the eight-man tag-team match, but its about time that a heel tag team like Gallows?and?Anderson cut off Enzo and Big Cass?S-A-W-F-T bit for some heat. ' ' '

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